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Sidewalk Falls in NYC

Premises Liability Lawyer in Lower Manhattan

The law treats sidewalk falls in New York City, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island differently than a fall anywhere else in the State. This is one of the rare areas of law that has actually gotten more favorable to injured people recently.

My name is Melvyn Jacknowitz, and I am attorney who has been helping people hurt in slips, trips, falls, car accidents and other accidents obtain compensation for their medical expenses and other damages for more than 34 years. I know the law and I will vigorously pursue the compensation you need for harm caused by another's negligence or mistake.

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When Land Owners Do Not Take Care of Sidewalks

Generally, in New York City and its boroughs, the primary responsibility for sidewalks is placed upon the adjacent land owner, with the exception of tree wells, curbs and street corner ramps, which are the city's responsibility.

Sidewalk Hazards

Any sidewalk that is not substantially level can cause an accident. In personal injury law this is known as a trip hazard. I have been able to help numerous sidewalk trip and fall clients over the course of more than 34 years. I have obtained financial compensation for them for the injuries they suffered stemming from various hazards, including:

  • Depressed sidewalks
  • Collapsed sidewalks
  • Sidewalk raised by tree roots
  • Sidewalks with excessive slopes
  • Patchwork sidewalks with uneven surfaces
  • Snow not cleared within four hours on a walkway
  • Ice not removed from sidewalks

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