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Pedestrian Accidents and Bicyclist Accidents

Bike and Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in New York City

A common excuse that I have come across when a car driver has seriously injured a child or a bicyclist is, "I didn't expect the child to run into the street" or "I just did not see the bike."

There simply is no excuse for not seeing bicyclists or pedestrians. If the driver who caused the injury or other harm was negligent, whether at a crosswalk, near a driveway or in the middle of the roadway, I can help you pursue compensation for your injuries and for the hardship that you now must face due to the accident.

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When Children Are Hurt, You Have Rights

When a large red ball comes bouncing into the street, it is likely that a child will come running after. If the driver does not slow down or was speeding, he or she can be held accountable. I know, because I have investigated situations such as these and obtained winning results for my clients.

You should still assess your options even if a car accident seems like it may have been your child's fault. Let's say that the youngster jumped into the street in mid-block. Was there a park whose entrance was just across the street from where the accident occurred? The driver should have known better and slowed down, and the law has spoken clearly about such situations.

Undocumented visitors (so-called illegal aliens) in this country have a right to have medical and other expenses related to an accident paid for by the party who caused the harm.

When a car driver has only limited insurance, I will pursue all avenues of compensation. Was the driver on a work errand, thus triggering employer liability? Was a drunk driver at fault? Is there liability on the part of the bartender who served the alcohol as well as the bar owner?

Bicycle Knockdown Accidents

While Manhattan is becoming less hostile to cyclists, drivers do not pay enough attention to them and in some cases are aggressive in their attempts to intimidate cyclists. I will not cease in my efforts to obtain justice on your behalf.

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