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Dangerous and Defective Products Lawyer in Manhattan, (NYC), New York

Harmed by a Dangerous Product? My New York City Law Firm Wants to Help.

Microwave-proof ceramic dishes that shatter after being heated; toasters with shoddy cords that cause fires; ladders that collapse upon usage—these are all examples of the circumstances behind product liability claims. The law says that companies who make products must make sure they are safe for those who use them. Product failure may result from a design defect or a manufacturing defect, neither of which may cause a product failure and your injury until after multiple uses.

As consumers, we expect that product manufacturers will follow the law, whether the product is used in the household, at work or on a construction site. When accidents such as burns, scalds, lacerations, broken bones or electrocution happen because of a poorly designed or defectively manufactured product, the results can be serious, even deadly. If you have been injured by a dangerous product, my law firm can help you. Helping injured people has been the exclusive focus of my legal work since 1975.

We care about you, not just your case. I care about those who turn to my law firm for help. Questions about your accident? Call 646-475-2386 or complete the electronic contact form for your free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer today.

What kind of help does my law firm offer?

  • I can help you understand your rights regarding a personal injury caused by a dangerous product
  • I can provide you with a sense of the level of compensation that may be appropriate based on the nature and severity of your injuries
  • I offer kind and attentive client services and the support by a committed, caring staff, including Spanish speakers
  • I offer knowledgeable, determined and experienced advocacy in pursuit of compensation including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering

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Have you been injured by a defective product or due to another type of accident? Learn your rights and how my law office can help you today. I offer a free case evaluation and consultation, with no obligation, in which you can get your questions answered and consider your legal options. I represent clients in personal injury matters on a contingency basis. This means that you do not pay an attorney's fee unless I am able to obtain money compensation for you. Se habla español.