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School-Related Injuries and Accidents

School Accidents Lawyer in New York City

Have you been injured in an accident in school? In public and private schools, accidents regularly happen due to school negligence — in hallways, in locker rooms and in classrooms. Every so often, you will read about a particularly egregious example of a school attack or accident in the media. But you do not always hear about the ways that justice can be sought and obtained on behalf of those injured in school accidents.

My name is Melvyn S. Jacknowitz, and I am an attorney based in lower Manhattan. For more than 34 years, I have helped students as well as teachers obtain compensation for the injuries and the hardships that they have suffered due to accidents and attacks in schools.

Each client is treated as a person—not a number. I care about those who turn to my law firm for help. Questions about your accident? Call 646-475-2386 or or complete the electronic contact form for your free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer today.

Examples of Relevant Cases

I have handled cases involving students who were not properly supervised and whose rowdiness caused my client injury. I have helped a young teenager and her family bring three junior high boys to justice for sexually abusing her in a hallway. I have pursued compensation for a student whose tendons and nerves in his hands were lacerated by a beaker that shattered in science class. I have handled playground injury accidents, where children sustained wrist and ankle fractures. I can help you understand your legal options.

Proven Track Record

Perhaps a key factor in my ability to win results for my clients is that I truly care about each and every one of them. I treat each person who seeks my services with the respect and dignity that they deserve. And I pay close attention to everything they tell me about their case, working tirelessly on their behalf in pursuit of justice.

Free Initial Consultation — 646-475-2386 | E-Mail

Have you been injured? Learn about your rights and how my law office can help you today. I offer a free case evaluation and consultation, with no obligation, in which you can get your questions answered and consider your legal options. I represent clients in personal injury matters on a contingency basis. This means that you do not pay an attorney's fee unless I am able to obtain money compensation for you.