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The Downside of Outsourcing

We Americans have reluctantly accepted "outsourcing" as a normal part of our daily lives. We silently complain about purchasing goods and services from other countries, but when we save money and get acceptable service, we tolerate it.

But where does outsourcing end? When is it no longer acceptable for what we buy here to be "sourced" in another country, just so we can save money? Well, we recently learned that many Personal Injury firms, of all sizes and reputations, including some of the most well-known, are using companies located overseas to prepare and complete their pre-trial work, including complaints, bills of particular, correspondence, motions, and the like. Solely to save money, with no benefit reaching the client. In fact, the client's interests are detrimentally affected, because the anonymous foreigner completing the work is not intimately familiar with the client's case. There is no contact between the client and that person whatsoever. Moreover, that client's personal information is being disseminated over the internet raising severe security issues for that particular person.

At the Melvyn S. Jacknowitz Law firm, we believe that is just wrong. These law firms are focused only on saving money - not for the benefit of their clients, but for their own bottom line. The client sees no benefit at all, and even worse, their clients now can't even talk to the "legal team" doing the work on their case. Important work. The law firms using these services are taking jobs away from our country's residents, including secretarial, clerical, and paralegal staff.

Our clients always come first. Every bit of your case is worked on by Melvyn S. Jacknowitz and his in-house staff. We will not save money and send jobs, and our client's personal information, overseas, to enrich ourselves at the client's expense.