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All About Personal Injury Laws in New York City

Melvyn S. Jacknowitz Attorney at Law P.C. is an accomplished personal injury attorney in New York City. Jacknowitz has been practicing personal injury law exclusively since 1975, and in that time he's represented clients in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. In this series of articles, he discusses auto accidents and slip and fall cases.

Who's Responsible If I Slip On a Pile of Leaves on the Sidewalk?

The person that a slip and fall victim would sue if he or she were to fall on a pile of leaves in New York City would depend on the location of the accident, since the protocols would be different depending on if the accident occurred in front of an apartment building or a single-family residence.

The Two Types of Insurance Every New York Driver Must Have

Drivers in New York City need to make sure they have spousal coverage and supplemental insurance, in case the worst should happen and they ever were to get into an accident with an underinsured motorist of if their husbands or wives were to ever become injured in a two-car collision.

Is an Auto Accident Injury Ever Too Minor to Report?

An automobile accident is never too minor to report to the police or to get in contact with an attorney about if anyone was injured as a result. Injury victims need to seek out legal representation to protect their rights.